Sunday, March 01, 2015

Women's History Month

Happy Women's History Month!

I'm going to try to feature some awesome women in history on the Little Pink Blog this month. Tonight, I'm starting with Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. I choose her today because she was a trailblazer...but also because she's an inspiration to me as a runner.

Source: Kathrine Switzer's official page (linked above).
A week or two ago, at the gym, I was taking a 70-pound dumbbell off the rack to do some dead lifts. To lift it with just my arms is difficult. I definitely have more lower-body strength than I do upper-body strength, which is fairly typical for women. Dead lifting 70 pounds is not too difficult for me, but carting 70 pounds around is.

In lifting and struggling with the weight, I noticed a man nearby smiling at me. "How cute," his expression seemed to say, "that little lady struggling to lift a heavy dumbbell." I wanted to scream. I wanted to wipe the silly grin off his face. Yes, I was struggling to carry that weight, but a few minutes later, I was dead lifting it like a boss, because dead lifts involve using the legs--and I have some strong legs.

But I digress. Kathrine Switzer was physically attacked by a race official for daring to run the Boston Marathon, previously a man-only event. He was so outraged that a woman would dare to run his race, that he got out there and tried to force her off the course. Fortunately, her fellow runners were not so unenlightened, and they, in turn, pushed the official away from Switzer. She finished the marathon, and proved that women can hang with the guys any time.

And so can I--in the weight area and beyond.

My Week in Instagram (Week #118)

Another week, another paycheck (literally, Friday was Payday) and another Week in Instagram post. 


Prepping for a 12-mile run.

"Twelve-mile run? When you could be cuddling in bed with
me? Humans are weird."

Lovely morning for a twelve-mile run.

Twelve-mile run: ACHIEVED. Who's a rock star?

ON the walk home, a lovely view of the Sutter Buttes.

So on Friday, I'd parked under a tree in downtown Sacramento.
On Sunday, it was time for a car wash.

The ducks and I NOT watching the Oscars.

I had a post-twelve-mile-run bath, instead. My legs thanked me.


Skirt and boots kind of day.

Tea time.

Bella, flirting.

Me, eye-rolling. I love choir, but damn, some people are
territorial about chairs.

Sometimes autocorrect comes through for me.


My choir room tree is starting to bud.

I spent fourth period running with a freshman PE class.
They kicked my ass, but THEY didn't run 12 miles on Sunday.

Mom's been busy in the garden...

So has Mother Nature.

The Sisters Tortellini.


They see me rollin'...again...they hatin'...

Cutest ring, right? 

Seriously productive day at the Large Suburban High School.

Seen on my drive home.


New choir song.

Got out some old clarinet music and found this direction from
Dr. Burnham. We didn't see eye to eye a lot, but this is
good advice.

State flower.

I really live in a beautiful area. 

This was the original pic I took of the first snake of 2015.
I wouldn't get any closer.

This is the close-up I posted of the above pic on Instagram. It
was happily sunning itself and NOT moving no matter how
much I jumped up and down and looked like a ninny. So...

...I doubled back and added about two miles to my planned walk,
all to avoid a harmless "racer" snake.

Duckie, pondering her life choices.


I had a rough Friday. Thankfully, I've got this dear, sweet girl
to keep me happy.


$44 worth of running fuel. I like to stock up, especially with
a race coming.

We got about five minutes of light rain, but the good news is
the Sierras got SNOW.

Happiness is a new puzzle book, when you're a nerd. : )

I noticed from the house that one of Mom's poppies had opened,
so I went out to get a pic. It's perfect.

So is this one.


Candlelight bath, body oil, BLISS.

The week ahead is delightfully not-so-busy (the weeks after that, leading up to Spring Break, are crazy). But not to worry, I will Instagram the hell out of it all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Then & Now

Inspired by this wonderful collection of "then and now" pictures with cats, I've decided to share a few of my own. It's no secret that Ms. Millie and her companions, Bella and Duchess, have been very well-documented throughout their lives...from Day 1. As was the late Harley Dude. And...every cat my family has had since I've been old enough to use a camera.

Millie, Day 1 (December 12, 1999):

 Millie, Day ??? (December 24, 2015):

Bella and Duchess, August 2005:

Bella and Duchess...a few years later (neither one of them will fit in that basket anymore, let alone both):

Bella and Duchess, October 2005:

Bella and Duchess, Spring 2006:

Harley Dude (RIP), December 2008:

Harley Dude, sometime in 2009 or 2010: